let me tell you a little about myself

i am not who you thought i was,
i can surprise you everyday
i will disappoint you, and delight you 
and leave you exasperated.
you will declare that you never want to see me again,
and still yearn for me the next day.
i am not a good girlfriend, but i am the perfect wife.
i don't look perfect, i don't make heads turn.
my hair gets frizzy and wavy
about fifteen minutes after i blow dry it,
but my lips will leave you asking for more.
i have sexy, come hither eyes
that can cry at the slightest slight.
i don't always wear matching lingerie,
and i always forget to clean the curtains.
i know everyone's favourite song,
and your favourite food, and exactly how you like your drink.
i know why you prefer hidden by-lanes to highways.
i can name everything you don't like,
but i cannot remember the joke you told me last week.
i will wake up early to make your tea,
but i will not make dinner every night.
i go to bed every day wondering if you are thinking of me,
but i will not call until you do.
i will wear my favourite tshirt, even if it's torn in three places,
and save a valet ticket from our first date,
but i will not remember our anniversary. 
i will meet you for just fifteen minutes 
rather than go another fifteen minutes without you. 
i will pretend to like cocktails on the beach, though i prefer the mountains
but i will never lie to you.
i will drink until i forget you, 
and the next day, regret losing so much time. 

I will love you forever and ever,
but i will never hope that you do too.